There are a total of 155 local and national banks offering banking services for citizens in Massachusetts with 2104 branches in 333 cities. Below you can find the list of top 40 largest banks in Massachusetts ranked by number of branches. You can click the logo of a bank to view the list of all offices.

The largest banks in Massachusetts with most branches are: Citizens Bank with 244 offices, Bank of America with 226 offices, Santander Bank with 218 offices, TD Bank with 143 offices, Eastern Bank with 83 offices, Rockland Trust with 81 offices and People's United Bank with 48 offices.


1415 Providence Hwy., Norwood, 02062
10 Rosebrook Place, Wareham, 02571
121 South Main Street, Leicester, 01524
80 Main Street, Pepperell, 01463
217 Adams Street, Dorchester, 02122
1641 Beacon Street, Brookline, 02445
93 Main St., Rutland, 01543
56 Common St, Barre, 01005
7 Main Street, Ayer, 01432
Essex Center Drive, Peabody, 01960
299 Chelmsford Street, Chelmsford, 01824
352 Palmer Road, Ware, 01082
25 Faunce Corner Mall Road, Dartmouth, 02747
One Main Street, Sterling, 01564
125 Church Street, Suite D, Pembroke, 02359
206 Worcester Road, Princeton, 01541

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