• Bank Name:The Mission Bank
  • Bank Class:Federal Reserve Non-Member Bank
  • Member FDIC:Certificate #23173 - Inactive
  • Web
Headquarters:5201 Johnson Drive, Mission, Kansas 66205
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The Mission Bank was established in August 1980 and headquartered in Mission, Kansas. The bank operated as a subsidiary of Valley View Bancshares, Inc.. The Mission Bank was classified as a commercial bank, state charter and Fed nonmember, supervised by the FDIC. The Mission Bank is no longer doing business under that name. To view branches, routing numbers, phone numbers and business hours; you can check Security Bank of Kansas City page.

Below is a list of some important events in banks history, including mergers and acquisitions.


08/11/1980 -Acquired The Mission State Bank & Trust Company (1368) in Mission, KS

08/11/1980 -Institution established: Original name: The Mission Bank

04/02/1984 -Acquired Centennial Bank & Trust (18405) in Mission, KS

02/01/2008 -Acquired The Valley State Bank (20066) in Roeland Park, KS

01/01/2017 -Merged into and subsequently operated as part of Security Bank of Kansas City (4705) in Kansas City, KS

01/01/2017 -Acquired Bank of Lee's Summit (8886) in Lees Summit, Mo

01/01/2017 -Acquired Citizens State Bank (1364) in Paola, KS

01/01/2017 -Acquired First Bank of Missouri (18815) in Gladstone, MO

01/01/2017 -Acquired Industrial State Bank (18072) in Kansas City, KS

01/01/2017 -Acquired The Mission Bank in Mission, KS

01/01/2017 -Acquired Valley View State Bank (19631) in Overland Park, KS


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