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Regions Bank has an overall customer satisfaction rating of 3.3 out of 5 stars based on 30 votes and 10 reviews & complaints for 1456 branches. Below you can read unbiased reviews, complaints and comments for branches or the bank in general. You can also share your own toughts and complaints about Regions Bank using the form below.


Jessica Jara · 25 August 2017
★★★★★ Branch review: Southchase Branch

Wonderful customer service!! Great staff always helpful and smiling. Thank you for all your help with launching my new business.

Jimmy Tate · 18 July 2017
Branch review: Lufkin Main Branch

I want to get info from my local branch. Not being able to call them and having to go thru the 800 number is ridiculous! To wait 15 minutes on the phone just to get a little information is unacceptable! Why are thee no numbers listed that are local???

Karl Herzig · 15 July 2017
Branch review: Mccann Road Branch

at 11:45 AM on Saturday July 15/17 the bank manager took my Drivers License and my thumb print. to cash a personal check. from thier bank because i didnt have an account. ok whatever. Then she processe it looks at me and says i will need more ID from you ! when my DL and thumb print wasnt good enough. she sent me out the door. With the check written to me that had been processed. with thier process # on it. when i took it somewhere else to cash it I looked like a criminal!!! The bank manager treated me like shit !!! i would never suggest this bank for ANYTHING !!!

so if you ever write checks and dont the person recieving them to get the same treatment i did. i would choose another bank for my buisness all together ! was very very dissapointed !

Michael Heller · 16 June 2017
Branch review: Edgewater Branch

how is someone with a job suppose to do business with you with those hours?

Herman Strickland · 1 May 2017
★★ Branch review: Warrington Branch

Much to difficult to get information

Paula Pyle · 16 February 2017
★★ Branch review: South Lakewood Ranch Branch

Ordered checks at this branch. Because we had an address change could not do it on line. Never got them. When I spoke to the employees there they said they were shipped, they also said they reordered them. The ship date was almost a month ago, still no checks. Very unhappy, been a Regions customer for a long time with a personal and business account. Going to try a new branch.

Marilyn Holt · 31 December 2016
★★★ Branch review: Pier Park Branch

Is there a Jeffrey Sheehan working for the Pier Park Regions Bank?

Katrina Faulkner · 5 December 2016
★★★★★ Branch review: Head Office Branch

Regions Bank has been an awesome banking experience through the good and bad times as a disabled veteran. Recently, I opened a NOW prepaid account and that's when I began being targeted by the regional office in Birmingham as a current customer. I have had this direct deposit account for at least 6 years. They closed my main account over an address issue deriving from me obtaining a NOW prepaid card. I am so sad that my really happy relationship with Regions has to be negatively viewed this way. Every branch that I have enteracted with over the years has been more than amazing in customer service, training, assistance and help. The local offices that I have dealt with all have been so great. Why the no notice in writing... cold, non-professional, unethical and intentionally harmful action to close my main account in this manner and not closing my other checking accounts too. Vicious, I tell you.... and around the time rent and bills are due. Not nice at all. Not a good policy. People move, become homeless and go through life problems all the time and manage to come back up because of the support of their bank, community and self-determination. Regions has been my ally and partner in life... I really hate to see you guys in a different light over such a petty issue in the scheme of things. Wishing you guys well in building such an awesome bank but this is a kink that should be corrected.... be blessed!

Wood Ralph · 7 November 2016
Branch review: Benton KY Branch

You cannot call the Bank of Benton Regions bank off that number that the same number for all Regions Banks in western Kentucky and may be more. Takes you to a computer and give you a list and numbers to pick from. And the waiter tine is long. I can even pay my bills from there. So if you think this is good your dead wrong. Of may be I don't know how to used it. But it's no good and I moveinv my money from. Than this suck

TQue Harris · 5 October 2016
★★★★★ Branch review: Clark Tower Branch

Best service and friendly staff

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200 Corporate Ridge No, Birmingham, AL 35242
5436 Highway 90, W., Mobile, AL 36619
429 Main Street, Trussville, AL 35173
6001 26th Street W., Bradenton, FL 34207

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