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PNC Bank has an overall customer satisfaction rating of 3.2 out of 5 stars based on 85 votes and 20 reviews & complaints for 2479 branches. Below you can read unbiased reviews, complaints and comments for branches or the bank in general. You can also share your own toughts and complaints about PNC Bank using the form below.


Tim Walters · 9 February 2018
Branch review: Oakwood Branch

Your drive thru service is like going to steak n shake. Today was my last time..

Aaron Mills · 5 February 2018
Branch review: Longwood Branch

If you're looking for a customer friendly bank - I encourage you to look elsewhere. My experiences with the Kennett Square PNC Bank at Longwood have been consistently disappointing.

Weth Bri · 2 February 2018
★★★★★ Branch review: Iroquois Branch

Have been with this bank for many years and have never had major issues. The staff is friendly and very helpful.

Sue Hatfield · 21 January 2018
★★★★★ Branch review: Harrodsburg Road Branch

I am from Louisvile, but for some reason when making a call to customer service I was connected to this branch and I could not have received any more kindness, consideration, patience or service than that which I got from Danielle, who is the manager of this branch. I am 75 years old, and very seldom find this type of understanding and service. It is not unusual to be met with resistance. Cheers to you, Danielle! Keep up up the good work, there are a lot more 75 year olds now...

Mickayla Selembo · 17 January 2018
Branch review: Latrobe Branch

Horrible bank- I've never had a good experience there.

Greg Louis · 12 January 2018
★★★★ Branch review: Eastgate Branch

I went to cash my check after work at 5 O'clock today and this branch was already closed, very inconvenient im guessing due to weather we all still had to deal with.

Jessica Oliver · 3 January 2018

If I were you, I wouldn't service this bank!!! Rascism is an ugly thing!!!! I say that because there is no other reason we were denied getting a checked cashed at this bank!!! My husband had a refund from kay jeweler ( pnc is Kays bank) hubby went to cash the check and they denied him wouldn't tell him why. They simply said we are unable to let you know why we can not cash your check. Tanya stated "call kays"!! He calls KAYS and asks them why PNC couldn't cash their check the supervisor stated they never heard that before ??? My husband was just ready to drive off ( him being more calmer than me ) and deposit in our account and call it a day. but... I wanted to know the reason behind him being denied !!!! What a sad look in my husband's eyes said I think they may be racist why would they deny cashing my check and not letting me know why?? They never offered to call kays to verify they just simply looked at the check and said sorry we can't cash it. So of course my blood is boiling I go into the bank and demand to see a supervisor the supervisor is the one that told my husband she can not cash his check I demanded to see someone higher Tanya took the check and brought it to a manager in a room worh a customer and was talking privately about the check with a customer in the office with them. She finally came out and said normally they have to call kays to verify which is totally fine we actually had kays on the phone and pnc still gave us trouble, they asked my husband if he worked out here or were we shopping in the area? Even the supervisor for KAYS said on the phone that was a very odd of them asking us all those questions and not wanting to cash our check ... it was OUR CHECK!!! of course after I became very upset they cashed the check and we went about our day. Thank you to Jacob very respectful and treated us with respect. Unfortunately we didn't feel that from TANYA( Extreamly rude) and the head boss. I will ever in my life step foot in a pnc bank!!!!! After trying to calm my husband down he turned to me and said wow this was the first time Experiencing racism first hand!!!!!! PNC you should be ashamed of yourself!!! My husband can in to cash a check through your bank with his name a legit check he was denied was it because of the skin color he had? He is a very respectful super sweet man and he was denied getting a check cashed at your bank I need answers...

Edward Elley · 27 December 2017
Branch review: Richlands Branch

Sorry but those branches gone

Dea Sharp · 6 October 2017
Branch review: Roanoke Branch

This bank disgusts me completely!!!! Took my card and they wouldn't give it back Bc of "company policy"... Well my card is not fraud, has no unauthorized purchases and they still decided to destroy my bank card!!! I always use their ATM... Glad they are closing!!! Maybe we'll get a better bank with more understanding staff

Jaclyn Marie · 1 September 2017
Branch review: Carnegie Branch

This branch is horrible...not 1 nice person working there. As a matter of fact one woman who works there will not wait on me or any of my employees. She goes out of her way to not wait on anyone from the business because we send in a few deposits a day.

Robert Phillips · 3 August 2017
★★★★★ Branch review: Green Brook Branch

Very pleasant and outgoing staff who are always willing to go the extra mile to fulfill customer expectations! I love going there to either deposit, withdraw funds or talk about investment/mortgage/loan options I may have. The staff is aware of the current consumer banking changes or interest rates etc. and always willing to listen to zero in on a customers particular concerns.

Barbara Mingee · 18 July 2017
★★★★★ Branch review: Avon Commons Branch

I love this bank and they are very friendly and competent - I switched from another bank and I was so glad I did!!!

Claudia Williams-Hope · 19 June 2017
★★★★★ Branch review: Cooper City Branch

Great bank; Good people.

Arlene Smith · 17 June 2017
★★★★★ Branch review: North Wildwood Branch

Great customer service. Miss the Wildwood Crest branch.

Laurie Amber · 2 June 2017
Branch review: Cocoa Branch

I went in to this location to specifically learn about the bank and what it offers. I also was trying to get change for cash since I work in the same plaza. I thought this bank would be great location etc since I just moved into this area. As I asked about change the teller told me she could not give me change since I was not a customer. I said, Well that is exactly why I came here. I was looking to open an account. The teller then said, sorry. I was baffled, I just turned and walked out thinking the rumors I heard through the plaza were very much true! Time for me to find another bank!

Rose Zettler · 8 May 2017
★★★★★ Branch review: Hunters Creek Branch

Thank you sooo much for the great and I mean GREAT customer service I received last week. This bank and this branch is exceptional!

Millie's cake · 15 July 2016
Branch review: Somerset Branch

I can't believe how bad this branch work we are buying a house with this bank but the service is really really bad the lost document, forgot paper to be send, the won't comunicated with the lawyer and they have of waiting for the clousing for to long we spouse to move on June then in July 15 and know they don't know and the worse is that we have to move out if the apartment this week and they don't care Mr Frank provocato, Elizabeth Garcias are the worse he has a bad actitud and she is so irresponsible asking people to get time from work to go see her but them she just leave donde wait for people or she's with her boyfriend in work hours and let you waiting the branch of somerset is the worse place to do your business...

Susan Henderson · 5 July 2016
Branch review: South Side Branch

Came in to cash my pic check... the teller did not put in as cash. I am unable to buy medicine for my daughter due to their incompetence. It is literally dangerous to bank with these people.

Mark Williams · 28 May 2016
Branch review: Westinghouse Branch

Dear PNC Tools:

I was Traveling for WESTINGHOUSE from Thursday, May 26 through last night China Time in order to Support Starting Up FOUR Westinghouse Nuclear Reactors In CHINA. While Traveling, I call called American Express to mitigate my Personal American Express account. I made payments of:

1. $2500.00, and
2. $500.00 respectively

For a TOTAL of $3000.00. Now - it's worth Mentioning that American Express Conducted a THREE-WAY PHONE CALL between myself, American Express and PNC Bank to VERIFY that I had Funds Available to Cover these debits - which I did, PLUS some........Like I Had OVER $3500.00 in my NGPNC Account AFTER making these payments.

So - PNC Was AWARE of this debiting by American Express. Today - IN CHINA - I went to the ATM to get some RMB to function here in Shanghai and got REPEATED "Insufficient Funds" notices when trying to Withdraw MONEY.

Puzzled by this - I returned to my room and went to PNC Online - where I learned that PNC had debited THE FOLLOWING AMOUNTS from my account:

1. $500.00
2. $25,000.00 - that's TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!

Somehow - YOUR BANKING PEOPLE HAD TAKEN AN ORDER OF MAGNITUDE MORE MONEY THAN I AUTHORIZED OUT OF MY ACCOUNT!!! This is ESPECIALLY troubling considering the THREE-WAY PHONE Call with me and American EXPRESS that you Participated it.

That's LARCENY, FRAUD - and it's AGAINST THE LAW.......and I intend to see you held accountable for this.

I talked to American Express and they told me that it would take 7 DAYS TO REVERSE THE CHARGES!!!! That is 7 DAYS FOR ME TO SPEND IN CHINA BROKE AND WITHOUT MONEY TO DO A JOB FOR WESTINGHOUSE!!


Further - I know that you have to Notify the Federal Government WHENEVER there is a movement of $10,000.00 or more of money. THAT Represents a Financial and Legal RISK TO ME - and somehow you were able to MOVE over $25,0000.00 of my Money WITHOUT Notifying ME!! THAT is illegal and against at the law - and I intend to see you prosecuted for THAT!!

I want the NAMES of EVERY SINGLE PERSON at PNC involved in this transaction and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF their MANAGERS!!!

I want their NAMES - so that I can file PERSONAL Lawsuits - and I WANT CONFIRMATION THAT THEY HAVE BEEN FIRED!!

I am in China - BROKE and UNABLE TO LIVE for AT LEAST 7 DAYS!!.........Not to mention the Stress and Psychological DAMAG this is CAUSING!! MY LAWYER, Bill Jones - will help determine that.

There is a Van being sent by Westinghouse to transport me to the Sandmen Nuclear Plant Site by 12:00 Shanghai time tomorrow - and if this is not resolved, I can't go - SINCE I DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY!!

I had better NEVER see an "Insufficient Funds" notification from you people again while I am in China - If I decide to use the PNC Card to Buy a BMW here - you had BETTER COVER IT!!

When I return from China, and depending upon your behavior - I will decide the depth and severity of Legal Action I take against you when I get back: BUT THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES FOR THIS!!

In the meantime - I am BROKE, IN CHINA - and I want this FIXED BEFORE I SEND THIS EMAIL~~

Mark G. Williams
Westinghouse Fellow Engineer

Mitchell Moore · 26 January 2016
★★★★ Branch review: Great Southern Shopping Center Branch

PNC is the best bank to do business with. I mostly use Great Southern branch (great people), but use others as well, including Avon, NC.

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