There are 12 local and national banks serving the financial needs of their customers in the state of Hawaii with 273 branches in 40 cities and towns. You can click the logo of a bank on right to view the list of all locations of your preferred banking company in Hawaii or choose a city & town from the list below.

The largest banks in Hawaii with most branches are: Bank of Hawaii with 63 offices, First Hawaiian Bank with 57 offices, American Savings Bank with 54 offices, Central Pacific Bank with 35 offices, Territorial Savings Bank with 28 offices, Hawaii National Bank with 14 offices and Finance Factors with 13 offices.


63 Offices in 31 cities
57 Offices in 34 cities
54 Offices in 26 cities
35 Offices in 18 cities
28 Offices in 14 cities
14 Offices in 6 cities
13 Offices in 7 cities
4 Offices in 3 cities
2 Offices in 1 cities
1 Offices in 1 cities
1 Offices in 1 cities
1 Offices in 1 cities

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