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Chase Bank has an overall customer satisfaction rating of 3.1 out of 5 stars based on 123 votes and 24 reviews & complaints for 5117 branches. Below you can read unbiased reviews, complaints and comments for branches or the bank in general. You can also share your own toughts and complaints about Chase Bank using the form below.


Katherine Lipsky Miller · 13 February 2018
Branch review: Mcmullen Booth South Branch

Walked in to make a deposit & 2 tellers were "counting $$" with the cash machine. There were no other employees to assist. One said you can deposit that at the ATM. I said I am depositing this for my employer. When one of them finally took my deposit they asked, "Would you like to know your account balance?" I said no because the account was not mine. Then I asked where the restroom was. She said "Have a seat and an employee can assist you." The only other employee was sitting at their desk with a customer! Really?!?! Not impressed....

Betty Summerhill · 6 February 2018
★★★★★ Branch review: Hobart Branch

no complaints-it's a very friendly bank

Billy Johnsen · 5 February 2018
★★★★★ Branch review: Channahon Branch

Everyone is always friendly and give great customer service !

Roger Lautt · 31 January 2018
Branch review: Logan Square Branch

Not the most friendly branch, waited for 45 minutes to talk to a banker, she was a bit rude and not at all helpful. Left there thinking I will not return to this branch except to maybe use their ATM. I have 2 mortgages and 4 checking accounts and 3 savings accounts with Chase and I do like Chase, just not this branch.

Mark Briner · 31 January 2018
Branch review: Easton Town Center Branch

Disappointing experience involving the branch manager Steven. Made worse by Chase not having a system where I would receive a call from someone there to acknowledge poor service because it is a simple fix on their end to not have disgruntled customers post comments about them

Ya'el Chaya Miriam Gray · 18 January 2018
Branch review: Beachwood Branch

A bunch of thieves, they will steal your money. Two Saturdays ago, I had a credit union in Virginia make a wire transfer to my Chase account in Beachwood. Unfortunately, the Credit Union fouled up and sent the wire to the wrong account. As soon as the Credit Union noticed their error, they did everything in their power to make it right. Not so CHASE BANK. I have been on the phone with their wire department for 3 days, and they STILL haven't deposited the wire into my account. It has been AN ENTIRE WEEK since I made this wire transfer, and CHASE BANK STILL HAS NOT DEPOSITED MY MONEY INTO MY ACCOUNT. The CHASE BANK representative kept coming up with excuses not to deposit the wire to my account, and making Pen Fed amend the wiring instructions TWICE, but still, to no avail. We have done EVERYTHING that CHASE BANK has asked me and the credit union to do, but CHASE BANK is STILL holding on to my $1,847.00 deposit. This money was earmarked to pay my mortgage, which is now LATE. CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE HOW ANGRY I AM???? The only thing i can conclude from this - and from 3 days spent on the telephone with Chase's Wire Department - that Chase intends to steal this wire from me. Unless you want to be a victim, too, you would do well to deposit your money and do your banking elsewhere, ANYWHERE BUT CHASE. As i said, they are A BUNCH OF THIEVES.

CHAPTER 2, 2 weeks later: This morning, I logged into my chaseonline account and the readout said my account was overdrawn by $1,300+ when, in point of fact, I had $200 in my savings account, which chase's automatic online banking system Would not let me transfer to checking. These people have no flipping idea what they are doing. Go to anoher bank, any other bank, but run from chase.

Elbert Melton · 22 December 2017
★★★★ Branch review: Long Point Branch

We have been a customer of Chase for about 55 years we have always been treated very will, it also very convenient. Thank you the Melton's

Allyson Howard Phillips · 9 November 2017

When is this branch going to re-open?

Bob Iamthatiam Lineback · 26 September 2017
★★★★★ Branch review: Calumet Branch

friendly quick service, good place to bank

Joe Chaisson · 18 September 2017
★★★★★ Branch review: Southland Mall Branch

I love this bank. Great customer service. Marcie & Troy are great!!!

Larry Kendrick · 12 September 2017

Worst customer service ever. Tried to make an appointment for a week to get a loan; still no success. No one ever answers the phone

Marie Woodson · 4 August 2017
★★ Branch review: Northeast 112th and Halsey Branch

This branch has major issues and I am beyond frustrated. At least 1-2 times per month, the ATM either will not accept depoists (happened again today), is not working altogether, necessitating either getting in a very long line (often with only one teller), or getting back in my car and waiting and waiting and waiting to make a transaction at the drive up window. There have been two occasions in the last 3 months when the ATM was not working on a weekend, necessitating me going to Fred Meyer Gateway to make a transaction. In addition, the outside of the bank premises and NE 111th in front of it is littered with cigarette butts, receipts, and assorted other junk. I've complained about it once before but it is a constant eye sore. I do not enjoy coming here and will be going elsewhere from now on.

Robert Hamlin · 8 July 2017
Branch review: Gosford & Harris Branch

Why is it your outside drive up ATM can't read a check I deposited? I made 3 attempts and the screen said "cannot read check" and the check was returned each time.

Bonnie White · 26 June 2017
Branch review: Ontario Branch

Chase Bank is a joke! No customer service!

Tom Henson · 20 May 2017
★★ Branch review: Oakhurst Branch

On November 18, 2016---
I was closing my checking account and a promise was made by the local Chase Bank manager, to delay the closing of my checking account and to hold my account open to allow the December 3rd Social Security benefit check to be direct deposited. The reply by this manager was that holding the account open until after the direct deposit was made would be no problem. The agreed to closing delay did not occur and the account was closed prior to the deposit causing the SS check to be returned to the U.S. Treasury where it remained for over 2 months. I have a letter from the Social Security Administration which validates and identifies the difficulty in obtaining the direct deposit in a timely manner.

The resulting returned deposit caused me to miss payments to several creditors, suspended grocery and medication purchases. Those creditors reported the delinquent payments to the credit bureaus which resulted in a severe drop in my credit rating number. The reduced credit number resulted in several loan applications to be declined and payments to the creditors were still unable to be made. In addition, a loan was being sought to enable the purchase of an auto (which I do not have at this time) to enable me to go to work I have available and not depend on my neighbors for the necessary transportation needs. Thus my request for $7,500.00 would allow some back payments to be made and allow for a moderately reliable vehicle to be purchased.

Geo Cap · 19 December 2016
★★ Branch review: Montgomery and Sutter Branch

I went there today and someone is being served,and since I'm next in line I thought I would be quick but it took 5 minutes before being served.And not to mention the teller who served me is also RUDE.While waiting there was at least 4 customer that came and left as soon as they see a line.Guess they know how BAD THE SERVICE is on this location. CUSTOMER SERVICE is also bad.,I used to go here almost daily before but things change with the new manager and crew I guess.

John Miller · 16 September 2016
Branch review: Hollywood and Western Branch

TRIED to make a deposit at the ready teller while homeless lady who is living in there was screaming on her cell phone. Went to get help. HERLIN said he was busy and would come in a minute. He never came. Finally gave up as the machine started mangling my checks. Went to Herlin who said he was still busy...but wasn't actually doing anything. He looked at my check and he snickered: "Look at the condition of your check." I tried to explain that their machine did it. He waved me off to the new machine in the center of the room. It was really new, installed in March and I had no idea how to use it. I asked him to help me and he said he was busy, and stood by the door doing nothing. He finally came over and screamed at me when I pushed the wrong button. I told him that's why I said I needed your help. I can't see very well, and I don't know this new machine. It was different than any ready teller I had used at Hollywood or East Hollywood branch.

I asked him what was wrong with the machines in the other area. "I don't know." he said like I was bothering him. He called over a lady, "Maybe YOU can help her and stomped off and stood back by the door.

"Can I help you?" "Yeah I'd like to report him." "I'll talk to him." When I asked her what was wrong with the machines, she said, "They're not modernized."

I called the branch when I got home. Herlin answered and pretended he couldn't hear me. I finally said screw you. THEN he could hear me.

I called back and Herlin answered again and demanded I apologize to HIM. Called again. Herlin screamed at me some more at me to apologize or he wouldn't put me through to a manager. Called again. Same thing. Called again. Someone else answered and said the manager was on a conference call. I said I would call corporate. OH NONO I'll help you! What is the problem? I hung up.

Called corporate made a complaint. Told them I would Yelp this. So here it is.


Lillian Brinson · 1 September 2016
★★ Branch review: Port Orchard Fred Meyer Branch

Last time I came to cash my check I thought this Branch was the u.s. branch because Google told me so I found that the sleep not knowing it was a Chase Bank that accept my u.s. bank card my ID and proceeded to deposit my check. End up going into Silverdale to use my card I find out that I have no money so I go back to the bank in Bremerton I explain to him what's going on I let her find out that we both messed up and I thought it was US Bank the teller messed up because she deposited the money into my son's account which has my name on it then tell me that there is a u.s. bank ATM out front so if I needed to make deposits or withdrawals later on in the future I could. Two weeks later I come back to make a deposit in the u.s. bank ATM where Chase Bank is only to find out that that ATM does not accept deposits so I go into Chase Bank and try to cash my check because last time cash my check after finding the mistake but today I was told they can't cash my check although my name is on the bank account with my son. I really wish the tellers or more informative and paid attention to what they were doing because this has caused me a lot of time, gas, and stress. Because now I have to go back to port orchard to deposit my check all because they told me that I could do it at the atm here.

Brenda Pepper · 11 August 2016
★★★★★ Branch review: Garfield & 65th Branch

I just joined Chase Bank today. I hope it is all the good that I have heard.

Jerry Meyer · 2 August 2016
Branch review: Port Hueneme Branch

Chase has personnel unable to think on their own...and, outside of the box. They put a fraud alert on my account...and, now won't release it. It's amazing the bank is still making money with their myriad amount of inefficiencies!

Zoran Jerkovic · 24 May 2016
Branch review: Sherwood Forest Branch

The worst service I have to be agree on the people are rude and mean to the customer they let the customer sit there and wait while a bunch on them stand and talking

Paul Whiteside · 27 April 2016
Branch review: Kenosha South Branch

can't get a phone number of branch

Gloria Castro · 16 March 2016
★★ Branch review: La Jolla Downtown Branch

Worst Bank.. Most Unfriendly.. Disorganized.. Idiot Management.. Nasty.. Don't open an account here.. I am moving my mortgage.. Wanna know more.. Contact me.. They get an F+ in my book.. Born & raised in La Jolla.. I hope they lose their lease or get bought out..

Peter Howitz · 28 December 2015
★★★★★ Branch review: Wabash and Adams Branch

I live and work in the area. The tellers always know me by name and are always kind and friendly!

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