There are currently 47 branches of 14 different banks in Salem, OR.

U.S. Bank has the most branches in Salem. The top 5 banks in Salem by branch count are; U.S. Bank with 10 offices, Chase Bank with 8 offices, Wells Fargo Bank with 7 offices, KeyBank with 5 offices and Columbia State Bank with 4 offices.

Below, you can find the list of all Salem branches. Click on the list or map below to view location hours, phone numbers, driving directions, customer reviews and available banking services.


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Bank of America
National Bank
3803 Center Street Northeast, 97301
390 High St N E, 97301
Bank of the Cascades
Federal Reserve Non-member Bank
520 Hawthorne Avenue Se, 97301
Chase Bank
National Bank
5135 Commercial St Se, 97306
3509 Commercial St Se, 97302
3450 Commercial St Se, 97302
3740 Market St Ne, 97301
630 Center St Ne, 97301
2855 Broadway Ne, 97303
110 Hawthorne Ave Se, 97301
480 Glen Creek Road, Northwest, 97304
Citizens Bank
Federal Reserve Non-member Bank
333 High Street, Suite 101, 97301
Columbia State Bank
Federal Reserve Non-member Bank
3305 Commercial Street Se, 97302
510 Lancaster Drive, N.E., 97301
550 Center Street, N.E., 97301
1060 Wallace Road, N.W., 97304
National Bank
4545 Commercial St Se, 97302
1500 Edgewater Street Nw, 97304
750 Lancaster Dr Ne, 97301
416 State St, 97301
4871 Lancaster Drive, N.E., 97305
MUFG Union Bank
National Bank
1995 Commercial Street Southeast, 97302
Pioneer Trust Bank
National Bank
109 Commercial Street, N.E., 97308
1190 Oak Street, S.E., 97301
Umpqua Bank
Federal Reserve Non-member Bank
2710 Commercial Street, S.E., 97302
245 Commercial Street S.E., 97301
U.S. Bank
National Bank
3955 Center Street Ne, 97301
1317 State Street, 97301
1940 Fairgrounds Road Ne, 97301
798 Cunningham Lane South, 97302
302 State Street, 97301
3485 Commercial Street, Southeast, 97302
3995 Devonshire Avenue, Northeast, 97305
5660 Commercial Street Southeast, 97306
1955 Dallas Highway, N.W. Suite 1030, 97304
1110 Wallace Road, N.W., 97304
Washington Federal
National Bank
2955 Broadway Street Ne, 97307
777 Wallace Road N.W., 97304
Wells Fargo Bank
National Bank
1565 Lancaster Drive, Northeast, 97301
831 Lancaster Drive, N.E., 97301
3997 Commercial Street, S.E., 97302
580 State Street, Northeast, 97301
3245 Market Street, 97301
3380 Lancaster Drive Northeast, 97305
1455 Edgewater Northwest, 97304
Willamette Community Bank
Federal Reserve Non-member Bank
315 Commercial Street Se, Suite 110, 97301
Willamette Valley Bank
Federal Reserve Non-member Bank
101 High Street, N.E., 97301
6.5 miles away - 1 office of 1 bank
8.8 miles away - 6 offices of 6 banks
10.8 miles away - 5 offices of 5 banks
11.6 miles away - 5 offices of 5 banks
11.9 miles away - 1 office of 1 bank
13.5 miles away - 3 offices of 3 banks
14.5 miles away - 1 office of 1 bank
16.6 miles away - 8 offices of 6 banks
20.5 miles away - 1 office of 1 bank
20.6 miles away - 5 offices of 5 banks

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