There are currently 34 branches of 15 different banks in Dothan, AL.

Wells Fargo Bank has the most branches in Dothan. The top 5 banks in Dothan by branch count are; Wells Fargo Bank with 6 offices, Regions Bank with 5 offices, MidSouth Bank with 4 offices, BBVA Compass with 3 offices and PeoplesSouth Bank with 3 offices.

Below, you can find the list of all Dothan branches. Click on the list or map below to view location hours, phone numbers, driving directions, customer reviews and available banking services.


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Ameris Bank
Federal Reserve Non-member Bank
3299 Ross Clark Circle, 36303
2200 E Main Street, 36303
Federal Reserve Non-member Bank
3251 Ross Clark Circle, 36303
BB&T Bank
Federal Reserve Non-member Bank
1962 West Main Street, 36301
BBVA Compass
Federal Reserve Member Bank
2872 West Main Street, 36305
1263 West Main Street, 36301
2936 Montgomery Highway, 36303
Friend Bank
Federal Reserve Non-member Bank
3105 Ross Clark Circle, 36303
MidSouth Bank
Federal Reserve Non-member Bank
2526 West Main Street, 36301
4015 West Main Street, 36305
2224 Ross Clark Circle, 36301
3776 Montgomery Highway, 36303
PeoplesSouth Bank
Federal Reserve Non-member Bank
3605 E. Main Street, 36301
2861 John D Odom Road, 36303
2926 Ross Clark Circle, 36301
Regions Bank
Federal Reserve Member Bank
3201 Ross Clark Circle Nw, 36303
4203 Ross Clark Circle, 36303
2140 E. Main Street, 36301
4080 W. Main Street, 36305
2076 Ross Clark Circle, 36301
ServisFirst Bank
Federal Reserve Non-member Bank
4801 West Main Street, 36305
1640 Ross Clark Circle, 36301
State Bank & Trust Company
Federal Reserve Non-member Bank
4482 West Main Street, 36303
SunSouth Bank
Federal Reserve Non-member Bank
108 Jamestown Blvd., 36301
Synovus Bank
Federal Reserve Member Bank
3680 West Main Street, 36305
Trinity Bank
Federal Reserve Non-member Bank
1479 West Main Street, 36302
3850 West Main Street, Suite 1000, 36305
Troy Bank & Trust
Federal Reserve Non-member Bank
3850 West Main Street, Suite 602, 36305
Wells Fargo Bank
National Bank
2999 Ross Clark Circle, Southwest, 36301
2218 Ross Clark Circle, 36301
1943 Reeves Street, 36303
1125 Ross Clark Circle, Southeast, 36301
3051 Montgomery Highway, 36303
1315 West Main Street, 36301
7.7 miles away - 2 offices of 2 banks
9 miles away - 4 offices of 3 banks
10.6 miles away - 2 offices of 2 banks
13.7 miles away - 1 office of 1 bank
14 miles away - 1 office of 1 bank
17.6 miles away - 1 office of 1 bank
18.9 miles away - 1 office of 1 bank
19.4 miles away - 2 offices of 2 banks
19.8 miles away - 1 office of 1 bank
19.8 miles away - 5 offices of 5 banks

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