There are currently 45 branches of 17 different banks in Allentown, PA.

Wells Fargo Bank has the most branches in Allentown. The top 5 banks in Allentown by branch count are; Wells Fargo Bank with 12 offices, BB&T Bank with 6 offices, TD Bank with 3 offices, Santander Bank with 3 offices and Embassy Bank for the Lehigh Valley with 3 offices.

Below, you can find the list of all Allentown branches. Click on the list or map below to view location hours, phone numbers, driving directions, customer reviews and available banking services.


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American Bank
Federal Reserve Member Bank
4029 West Tilghman Street, 18104
Bank of America
National Bank
1443 West Allen Street, 18102
3300 Lehigh Street, 18103
BB&T Bank
Federal Reserve Non-member Bank
1504 South Fourth Street, 18102
835 Hamilton Street, 18101
4200 Tilghman St, 18104
1660 Cedar Crest Boulevard, 18104
1345 Airport Road, 18101
1139 West Hamilton Street, 18101
Embassy Bank for the Lehigh Valley
Federal Reserve Non-member Bank
4148 W Tilghman Street, 18104
ESSA Bank & Trust
State Savings Bank
471-497 Wabash Street, 18103
Firstrust Savings Bank
State Savings Bank
1403 North Cedar Crest Boulevard, 18104
National Bank
1251 S Cedar Crest Blvd, 18103
Lafayette Ambassador Bank
Federal Reserve Member Bank
535 North 19th Street, 18104
4127 Tilghman Street, 18104
M&T Bank
Federal Reserve Member Bank
375 South Cedar Crest Boulevard, 18103
3201 Lehigh Street, 18103
PNC Bank
National Bank
730 West Emaus Avenue, 18103
4602 Broadway Street, 18104
1120 South Cedar Crest Boulevard, 18103
Provident Bank
State Savings Bank
4285 W. Tilghman Street, 18104
1901 Hamilton Street, 18104
QNB Bank
Federal Reserve Non-member Bank
950 Mill Creek Road, 18106
Quaint Oak Bank
State Savings Bank
1710 Union Blvd., 18109
Santander Bank
National Bank
3900 Hamilton Boulevard, 18103
1701 Chew Street, 18104
1415 Lehigh Street, 18103
TD Bank
National Bank
1828 West Tilghman Street, 18104
1603 North Cedar Crest Blvd, Roma Corporate Center, 18104
5980 Hamilton Boulevard, 18106
Univest Bank
Federal Reserve Member Bank
5089 Hamilton Blvd, 18106
Wells Fargo Bank
National Bank
7614 Tilghman, 18106
702 Hamilton Street, 18101
3090 Tilghman Street, 18104
1602 Union Boulevard, 18109
4797 West Tilghman Street, 18104
3055 West Emmaus Avenue, 18103
1601 N Cedar Crest Boulevard, 18104
120 College Drive, 18104
1901 S Fourth Street, 18103
506 N 19th St, 18104
2.8 miles away - 8 offices of 7 banks
4.3 miles away - 6 offices of 4 banks
4.6 miles away - 1 office of 1 bank
4.9 miles away - 1 office of 1 bank
5.6 miles away - 2 offices of 2 banks
6.1 miles away - 42 offices of 12 banks
6.2 miles away - 5 offices of 5 banks
6.9 miles away - 5 offices of 5 banks
6.9 miles away - 4 offices of 4 banks
7.1 miles away - 1 office of 1 bank

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