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Bank of America has an overall customer satisfaction rating of 2.6 out of 5 stars based on 141 votes and 37 reviews & complaints for 4515 branches. Below you can read unbiased reviews, complaints and comments for branches or the bank in general. You can also share your own toughts and complaints about Bank of America using the form below.


Amanda Brown · 15 February 2018
Branch review: Cedar Bluff Branch

Horrible bank! Went here to cash a check and was told they didn't have the funds.

Thomas Tran · 14 February 2018
★★ Branch review: Constant Friendship Branch

Been this bank for long times, but the old lady cashier so mean, not nice customer service

Paul Stengel · 11 January 2018
Branch review: North Windham Branch

I have never been so embarrassed !!!! Of the lack of communication. For branch that that is so small you think that everyone would be on the same page at least in the same book ! Recently totaled my vehicle get a new insurance check the clear than 24 hours was told that I would have no problem cashing that. There was a 24 hour hold I understood that so I came back 36 hours later knowing that my funds would be available! Because of the amount I was asked to call ahead to make sure that they would have my cash to clear my check! So have to ask my wife what she is currently at her full-time job to call and ask if the funds are available to find out that the woman tells her that I must deposit this in my account that I was forced to open with the check that was drawn on their bank keep that in mind!! And then proceeded to tell her that she did not feel comfortable cashing that size check amount also said that since I work not so close to

Avae Vitamin · 5 January 2018
Branch review: Southlake Branch

The service is on part with most banks. The time that you wait is painful too long. Please give attention to this

Maggie Dooley · 27 December 2017
★★★ Branch review: East Lomas Branch

I have Two accounts with B of A and have used the Lomas branch for the last several years. I am a Senior who is home bound. Today 12/27/17 I had my caregiver try to make a deposit for me. Because I was not present and there was cash included they would not take the deposit. I personally have never heard anything so ridiculous. She was not attempting to take money out of my account but to put money in it. I have had years of banking experience in my life and I really do not understand this. Please tell me how I can have banking services when I am homebound and cannot get to the bank without actually putting another person on my account as I have no one who is related to me and I don't want a caregiver on my account as they do change from time to time.
I look forward to hearing from with an answer to my situation. Thank You, Marie Doeberl

Holly Mudri Jordan · 22 December 2017
Branch review: Fleming Island Branch

Never ever enough help at this back. It's the Friday before Xmas and you have 2 tellers working with a line of 12 people long!! You've already shut this drive thru down give me a break!!

Michelle Sapp · 18 December 2017
★★★★★ Branch review: Columbia Harpers Choice Branch

Geri is amazing! She is so helpful and a pleasure to deal with. I go out of my way to work with her at this branch. I highly recommend her for all your banking needs

Jonathan Hollywood · 18 December 2017
★★★★★ Branch review: Washington Park Branch

Excellent employees, they are always resolving when i have issues with my card or bank. They are all very helpful and they provide great customer service, i never waited that long to be seeing by a bank specialist.

Melisa Montgomery · 13 December 2017
Branch review: Atascocita Branch

I am stunned by the way we were treated in bank of America the manager there is racist I have bank with them 5 plus years. Yesterday I was profiled. I went to the humble branch Wilson road. The manager denied us from cashing a government issued check with my bank. Stated my wife was not on the account and we could not cash into we added her. You should have to add anyone to your account to cash a check. I have cashed mutual funded checks with my bank before. I will never return to this bank again. Also to add the specialist confirmed that you don't have to add someone to an account. We had proper identification. Then the racist manager said well you can just add someone to cash a check. So many excuses to profile us. Yes we are black but we also own our own business(multiple business)and has never been treated in such a way. Everyone there also repeatedly said go to Walmart redirecting me somewhere else like hey black aren't welcome here go to wal mart go to ace. No why I cannot go to my community bank that I bank with half a decade. Please take this as a lesson

Jennifer Pavri · 5 December 2017
★★★ Branch review: Yale-New Haven Hospital Branch

Does anyone from the Branch have the time to read these reviews? If so I would greatly appreciate your help. I am a Canadian currently visiting my daughter, an account holder at your Branch. We tried yesterday to deposit a U.S. dollar Bank Draft and both Tellers and the Supervisor were not entirely sure how to proceed - unless my daughter was prepared to wait more than the 15 minutes she had already spent there. As she is a new mother( baby and I were in the car) she did not have the luxury of time. Staff said they needed to make some calls for clarification. My daughter has deposited drafts before quite easily and I have other daughters who routinely deposit similar drafts at Bank of America Branches in Detroit, New York etc
I would be so grateful if someone would call me to advise. My number is - thank you

Solomon Olin · 13 November 2017
Branch review: San Ysidro Branch

bank of america wont honour my debit card!!! im without funds and at 88 years old will be on the street id 4 days!!! my acct is at the san yisdro brancwish id never opened an acct with boa!!!

Cassandra Crowe-Jackson · 10 November 2017
★★ Branch review: Constant Friendship Branch

I went to change my name on my account that I've had for 10+ years. With the required documents noted on BofA site (marriage license and ID), . the unhelpful Brittany Burton and the frumpy branch manager, who never bothered to say who she was, decided that I couldn't because a marriage license isn't proof of marriage or name change. A subsequent call to the BofA help center validated that I had the correct information. Fortunately I can make the change by mail so I won't have to go that location again. Lousy customer service and crappy employee attitudes are unacceptable!

Keith Peterson · 9 November 2017
Branch review: Quail Hill Branch

I will never set foot in this branch again. Waited for 30 minutes. One teller slow as molasis. Ten people in line. I left after 30 minutes. Only two customers were served during this time. What lousy service!

Christina Grayburn · 6 November 2017

Always terrible slow service no drive through service. 3 tellers working line out the door. So glad i bank with wells fargo where i dont spend 30 mins making a simple deposit

Karen Gray · 24 October 2017
Branch review: Prescott Willow Creek Branch

needing to speak to a representative and no one picks up after numerous attempts.

Kelly Fernandez · 10 October 2017
Branch review: Mccain Branch

Worst customer service! God forbid they EVER open 1 minute before 9:00am. You have a line of people and 1 person working the drive through, and either 1 or 2 people working the inside.

This morning I had to make a cash deposit at the drive through. I get there at 8:55 knowing they won't open until 9:01, but I really needed to hurry this morning and I had a very fussy baby in the back seat. I know that's not the banks problem, but I asked them if they could take care of me first because I had a quick easy cash deposit and a crying baby in the back. They asked if I was first in line? Does it matter? If you guys paid attention to who actually got there first, that wouldn't be a question. I'm not sure who got there first but I do know I send my deposit in the tube first. Did she actually take care of me first? NO!!! I'm glad I personally don't bank with them, I go for business. They need to hire More people for one, but also friendly helpful professionals.

Jesse Daniel Jaramillo · 3 October 2017
Branch review: Fox Lake Branch

Worst branch to visit. Completely understaffed. I almost always use ATM for everything but, will randomly need a money order, certified check or have to speak to a teller and it's BAD. Everyone waits a really long time. Currently in line waiting. It's been 25 min and looks like I'm 1/2 way through. People in front of me have left and it seems to be the only thing moving the line. I've considered switching banks bc they haven't helped with personal loans, auto loans, or my mortgage needs in the past so why else should I stay if the live teller customer service is sub par. I feel bad for the one employee here working her hardest t keep a smile with the next customer. She tries not to look up for fear that she will make eye contact with the last person in line that is basically at the door.

Stephen Barcan · 30 August 2017
Branch review: Westfield Branch

No one answers the phone

RaiSa NeGrón · 16 August 2017
Branch review: Winter Springs Branch

The ATM is used alot by those of us who live nearby & the area where the ATM is at the entrance of the bank is filthy! Looks like its NEVER been cleaned.

Douglas Raleigh · 13 August 2017
Branch review: South Plaza Branch

Bank of america, knows bloomfield branch can't handle all that business. They are not even finishing a place for our safe boxes. If you don't get it out, they will throw it in the street, our whole family been with you since you we c&s. I guess we will have to find another bank. Thanks.

Larry DeBord · 7 August 2017
Branch review: Redwood Shores Branch

The worst phone tree I have ever experienced. Called several times - SEVERAL - and never got a live person. I wasted about 20 minutes throughout the day trying to make contact. The final message told me to go online. Anybody at the wheel here?

RazCas Parkerberry · 2 August 2017
Branch review: Greenbrier Parkway Branch

All i need is the routing number and i cannot locate it.

Kevin Paulk · 2 August 2017
Branch review: Hollywood Branch

If I could, I would, rate this Bank Of America Branch ZERO Stars. It does not deserve one. A simple teller request to exchange money and deposit into my account took 25 minutes with a building line of customers behind me. I tried to ask for help for them twice and got no response whatsoever. Why is it so hard to get customer service these days? Embarrassing. I highly recommend NOT doing your banking with Hollywood Branch in Portland Oregon. Long time customer handcuffed by today's reality.

Jack Mahon · 14 July 2017
Branch review: High Ridge Branch

I just tried to reach someone on your platform by phone. When I got through the usual endless mechanical answering routine, I was put through to the extension for your banking associates. There was no answer. Instead of being asked to give my number so that an associate could call me back, the mechanical voice told me to get online to make an appointment with one of the associates or to do a number of other mechanical things to get an answer to my question from robots. I have never before encountered such a situation. I have a simple question but it's not one that is provided for by any of the mechanical choices. Faced with such a ridiculous situation, I am going to drive to the branch within the next thirty minutes to ask my question in person. If there is no one on the platform when I reach the bank, I will have a book with me and wait until someone shows up.

Sum Chit · 30 June 2017
Branch review: Redding Main Branch

Dont think they are even there anymore but after 45 min on ahole from hell phone i still listening to hold.

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