• Bank Name:Ameriana Bank
  • Bank Class:Federal Reserve Non-Member Bank
  • Member FDIC:Certificate #29031 - Inactive
  • Web Address:No website available
Headquarters:2118 Bundy Avenue, New Castle, Indiana 47362
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Ameriana Bank was established in January 1890 and headquartered in New Castle, Indiana. Ameriana Bank was classified as a commercial bank, state charter and Fed nonmember, supervised by the FDIC. Ameriana Bank is no longer doing business under that name. To view branches, routing numbers, phone numbers and business hours; you can check First Merchants Bank page.

Below is a list of some important events in banks history, including mergers and acquisitions.


01/01/1890 -Institution established: Original name: Henry County Savings and Loan Association

12/31/1975 -Acquired The Greenfield Building and Loan Association (29175) in Greenfield, IN

11/30/1985 -Changed name to Ameriana Savings Bank

11/30/1986 -Changed organization type to Mutual Savings Bank

11/30/1986 -Changed name to Ameriana Savings Bank, Fsb

11/30/1986 -Changed name to Ameriana Savings Bank, Fsb

06/30/1988 -Moved bank headquarters from Newcastle, In to New Castle, IN

09/30/1988 -Acquired Citizens Federal Savings and Loan Association of New Castle (29746) in New Castle, IN

06/01/1998 -Changed name to Ameriana Bank Of Indiana, F.s.b.

07/16/1999 -Change trust powers from Trust Powers Not Granted to Full Trust Powers Granted

03/15/2000 -Changed name to Ameriana Bank & Trust of Indiana

10/04/2000 -Acquired Ameriana Bank of Ohio, F.s.b. (28537) in Cincinnati, OH

06/29/2001 -Changed name to Ameriana Bank and Trust, Sb

06/29/2001 -Changed primary regulatory agency from Office Of Thrift Supervision to Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

06/29/2001 -Changed institution class to FDIC Supervised Savings Bank

09/12/2006 -Changed name to Ameriana Bank, Sb

06/10/2009 -Changed name to Ameriana Bank

06/10/2009 -Changed organization type to Commercial Bank

06/10/2009 -Changed institution class to Insured Commercial Banks, State, Not Members Of The FRS

12/31/2015 -Merged into and subsequently operated as part of First Merchants Bank National Association (4365) in Muncie, IN

04/15/2016 -Changed name to First Merchants Bank (4365)

04/15/2016 -Changed institution class to Insured Commercial Banks, State, Not Members Of The FRS


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