• Bank Name:Allied Bank
  • Bank Class:Federal Reserve Member Bank
  • Member FDIC:Certificate #91 - Inactive
  • Web
Headquarters:311 Main Street, Mulberry, Arkansas 72947
Acquired by Today's Bank
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Allied Bank was established in March 1902 and headquartered in Mulberry, Arkansas. The bank operated as a subsidiary of Acme Holding Company Inc. Employee Stock Ownership Plan. Allied Bank was classified as a commercial bank, state charter and Fed member, supervised by the Federal Reserve (FRB). Allied Bank is no longer doing business under that name. To view branches, routing numbers, phone numbers and business hours; you can check Today's Bank page.

Below is a list of some important events in banks history, including mergers and acquisitions.


03/04/1902 -Institution established: Original name: Bank of Mulberry

02/01/1997 -Changed primary regulatory agency from Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to Federal Reserve Board

03/07/2002 -Changed name to Allied Bank

04/16/2002 -Acquired Bank of Mansfield (15653) in Mansfield, AR

09/23/2016 -Failed. Acquired with government financial assistance and subsequently operated as part of Today's Bank (33470)


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