There are 7 local and national banks serving the financial needs of their customers in the state of Alaska with 126 branches in 33 cities and towns. You can click the logo of a bank on right to view the list of all locations of your preferred banking company in Alaska or choose a city & town from the list below.

The largest banks in Alaska with most branches are: Wells Fargo Bank with 48 offices, First National Bank Alaska with 30 offices, KeyBank with 15 offices, Northrim Bank with 14 offices, First Bank with 9 offices, Mt. McKinley Bank with 5 offices and Denali State Bank with 5 offices.


48 Offices in 28 cities
30 Offices in 19 cities
15 Offices in 11 cities
14 Offices in 7 cities
9 Offices in 6 cities
5 Offices in 2 cities
5 Offices in 2 cities

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