BANK BRANCH locationS IN THE UNITED STATES helps you find all national and regional bank offices in United States. Get bank addresses, maps, routing numbers, phone numbers, business hours, driving directions and more. Search for banking centers, offices and ATMs from a database of 5725 banks operating with nearly 86000 branches in 10251 different towns and cities.

We have provided several convenient ways to find your bank. You can easily search by zip number or address using the search form on top. Alternatively, start browsing all banks by selecting a state from map or list below. To view all banks near your location click on find my location button below.


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5768 Offices in 40 states
5117 Offices in 23 states
4515 Offices in 34 states
3086 Offices in 26 states
2479 Offices in 20 states
2082 Offices in 16 states
1419 Offices in 15 states
1279 Offices in 12 states
1261 Offices in 16 states
1209 Offices in 16 states
1154 Offices in 10 states
1142 Offices in 12 states
996 Offices in 9 states
768 Offices in 10 states
743 Offices in 17 states
696 Offices in 11 states
665 Offices in 7 states
655 Offices in 8 states
641 Offices in 9 states
537 Offices in 19 states
536 Offices in 9 states
514 Offices in 19 states
436 Offices in 5 states
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Jim VanHorn · 20 March 2018

Great bank very friendly service!...

Charles Ruffner · 20 March 2018

Have banked there for years. Keep millions in the bank. But cannot deal with the construction and no easy access parking...

Dianna Griffin · 19 March 2018

why could i not use my card for computer repairs. luckily they took a chek...

Virginia A Haag · 19 March 2018

why is it so hard to get a person to answer the phone, with a question i have to ask...

Irma Carmona · 19 March 2018

The ibc bank is riping off its customers. The chip cards are not good and when I went in to replace my card they want to...


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